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“71% of us would rather go to the dentist than listen to what banks tell us” Millennial Disruption Index report

These days, most things we do are done with our mobile phones so why shouldn’t we be able to pay for everything we buy using our mobile phones, even inside retail shops? Our banks can let us do this, so why aren’t they? Perhaps because they are making billions when we use our bank cards to pay for stuff we buy. Well, at Rebelpay we decided to do it a bit differently.

Rebelpay is the future of payments. There is no need for an online wallet or a bank card. We simply link your internet banking profile to our payment platform, allowing you to make Auto EFT payments anywhere that Rebelpay is accepted. All you need is an internet banking account at a bank enabled on our platform. It’s that simple!

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Security is our top priority. In addition, you get to further secure yourself by choosing your own Security Comfort level.

How Secure is Rebelpay?

We all work hard for our money. So, whether you're slogging it out for a salary each month or getting by on a student allowance from your parents, it stands to reason that you want to know your money is safe when you transact online.

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