A link from your merchant or retailer will take you to our platform. Simply select “Pay with Rebelpay” or “Pay with Auto EFT” at checkout to access our platform. Some merchants may use QR codes that you have to scan using any QR code reader on your mobile phone.

All you need is a bank account and active internet banking at a bank that is enabled on the Rebelpay plaform. The banks that we currently support are Absa, Capitec, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank.

Automated EFT is simply a process whereby a third party, such as Rebelpay, generates an EFT payment at the instruction from the customer.

It has the benefits that the customer does not have to waste time and struggle enter beneficiary payment details, the correct payment amount and the payment description required by the person being paid. All of it is automated.

Stores and merchants benefit in that they get instant transaction result feedback, allowing them to release goods based on successful payment feedback.

On top of it, they save on bank charges, card and cash fraud and are proteced against payment reversals from unscrupulous customers

Rebelpay links its Platform directly to your internet banking profile. You can select which bank account (if you have multiple accounts linked to your profile) that you will use as the default account to make payments from.

Payments are made by a direct EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) from your bank account to the Treasury Account, from where we settle the outstanding amount with the merchant that you made your purchase from.

No we won't. During your first registration, with your permission, our Platform will automatically load the Treasury Account as a beneficiary. No other beneficiaries are loaded.

The banks that we currently support are Absa, Capitec, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank. If you have a bank account at another bank we will not be able to offer our Payment service to you for now.

Yes you can. During the setup process you will be able to choose your default bank. Thereafter you can add multiple banks and the accounts you hold at these banks by clicking on “Add Bank” after logging in.

Yes, you can. For your convenience, your bank balance is displayed whenever you transact.

When a user's phone is rooted, it effectively allows that user to obtain privileged control over sub systems on their phone and make all kinds of changes to that phone, including modifying settings or system applications, effectively overriding security systems put in place on the phone. Because our first priority is to keep all our users safe, our security auditors have determined that it is too risky to allow our Platform to be used on rooted devices.

While we realise that informed users can use rooted phones safely, we need to ensure the security of all Rebelpay users and merchants and cannot make an exception for individual users.

The Rebelpay Platform is free for users to use. However, network operator data charges do apply when you interact with our platform. The amount of data used to process a payment is however small - equivalent to about the same amount of data used for a typical WhatsApp message. Because the cost of data varies from network to network and between different price plans, you will have to check the actual data costs with your network provider.

Depending on your account type and your banking price plan at your bank, the bank may or may not charge you a fee for EFT transactions. To be safe, check with your bank what they charge you, if anything, for an EFT transaction.

Rebelpay offers its business clients a flexible fee structure that takes their business needs, transaction volumes and tailored solutions including required integrations into account. Please get in touch with us to discuss what we can do for you.

We have spent a lot of time developing one of the most secure systems available for users in South Africa and have a number of built-in security features to protect you.

Read more about our security features by clicking here.

You can reset your Pin Code using the “Forgot Pin Code” option available on our Platform.

If your Rebelpay Pin is entered incorrectly three times within a 48-hour period, the Platform will automatically wipe all your login data that is stored in the secure vault and our server.

To view your full Rebelpay transaction history, you can login at www.Rebelpay.co.za  and view that along with some cool stuff about those transactions.

To login you have to use your mobile phone number that you used when you registered on the Platform as your username and your Platform PIN code as your password.