The next generation automated EFT payment system

Ready for the future

Rebelpay is an on-demand, bank and country agnostic, automated EFT payment system that processes payments in under 30 seconds. Seamlessly integrating with your existing platform, it provides a risk-free and tech savvy solution enabling your business to process the next generation of payments.

Why automated EFT?

  • By avoiding card transactions, its fees, fraud and related frustrations, automated EFT payments are cost and time efficient.
  • Payments made cannot be reversed
  • Transactions success reflects actual availability of customer funds.
  • Be assured of security controlled by a neutral party offering mutual customer and business protection.
  • The only requirement is internet banking access.
  • Rebelpay is enabled on Absa, Capitec, First National Bank, Nedbank and Standard Bank, with new banks being added regularly.

Simplify financial transactions


Rebelpay provides business efficient solutions, saving time, money and effort with auto EFT.


Rebelpay’s robust integration methods, including API and Web Services, makes getting on board simple.


Besides the unrivalled processing time of 30 seconds per transaction, feedback is also made available instantly.


Rebelpay is integrated into most major retail POS systems in South Africa and could integrate with your existing loyalty programme.


Fraud, high transaction fees, customer card reversals and other card related issues are completely eliminated. Debit order bounces and client-initiated debit order reversals, with delayed notification, no longer occurs.


Fees are tailored to suit the nature of your requirements and business transaction volume.


Once-off, on demand payments, such as in-store purchases and online bill payments.

Recurring payments are enabled by auto EFTs. With recurring payments, the same amount, for example as with gym membership, can be scheduled for a set period of time. However, variable monthly or weekly payments are also completely possible.

As an alternative to embed Rebelpay within your existing system, Rebelpay’s can provide a turn-key White label solution for your business.

You can choose between integrating Rebelpay with your existing loyalty program or be provided with a bespoke cash-back loyalty program.

Our partners

In conjunction with trusted partners, the full spectrum of payment options is available beyond just Automated EFT. These include the processing of card payments and debit orders including debi check.

Process payments

Any company that processes or receives payments, whether B2B or B2C, is a prime candidate for automated EFT solutions



Security is our top priority. Our platform was developed with security being our cornerstone.

How Secure is Rebelpay?

Without wanting to reveal our security secrets, there are some things that are important to know.

You have the option that either your customers make once-off payments or create an account, in which instance they can make convenient payments in future by simply logging in.

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